1948 AAFC and NFL Awards

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NFL Player of the YearPat HarderChicago CardinalsPFI
AAFC Player of the YearFrankie AlbertSan Francisco 49ersOFF-tie
AAFC Player of the YearOtto GrahamCleveland BrownsOFF-tie UP
NFL Rookie of the YearCharley ConerlyNew York GiantsUP
All (NFL and AAFC)
Mal KutnerEChicago CardinalsAP TSN
Mac SpeedieECleveland BrownsAP TSN
Dick HuffmanTLos Angeles RamsAP TSN
Bob ReinhardTLos Angeles DonsAP
Al WistertTPhiladelphia EaglesTSN
Dick BarwegenGBaltimore ColtsAP TSN
Garrard RamseyGChicago CardinalsAP TSN
Bulldog TurnerCChicago BearsAP TSN
Frankie AlbertQBSan Francisco 49ersTSN
Otto GrahamQBCleveland BrownsAP
Charley TrippiHBChicago CardinalsAP TSN
Steve Van BurenHBPhiladelphia EaglesAP TSN
Marion MotleyFBCleveland BrownsAP TSN
Mal KutnerEChicago CardinalsAP UP NY PFI
Pete PihosEPhiladelphia EaglesAP UP NY PFI
Fred DavisTChicago BearsAP
Dick HuffmanTLos Angeles RamsAP UP NY PFI
Al WistertTPhiladelphia EaglesUP NY PFI
Ray BrayGChicago BearsUP NY PFI
Chuck DrulisGChicago BearsAP
Garrard RamseyGChicago CardinalsAP UP NY PFI
Vince BanonisCChicago CardinalsNY
Bulldog TurnerCChicago BearsAP UP PFI
Sammy BaughQBWashington RedskinsAP UP NY PFI
Tommy ThompsonQBPhiladelphia EaglesAP
Charley TrippiHBChicago CardinalsAP UP NY PFI
Steve Van BurenHBPhiladelphia EaglesAP UP NY PFI
Pat HarderFBChicago CardinalsUP NY PFI
Al BealsESan Francisco 49ersOFF AP UP NY
Mac SpeedieECleveland BrownsOFF AP UP NY
Bob ReinhardTLos Angeles DonsOFF AP UP NY
Lou RymkusTCleveland BrownsOFF AP UP
John WoudenbergTSan Francisco 49ersNY
Dick BarwegenGBaltimore ColtsOFF AP UP NY
Bill WillisGCleveland BrownsOFF AP UP NY
Bob NelsonCLos Angeles DonsOFF
Lou SabanCCleveland BrownsUP NY
George StrohmeyerCBrooklyn DodgersAP
Frankie AlbertQBSan Francisco 49ersNY
Otto GrahamQBCleveland BrownsOFF AP UP
Chet MutrynHBBuffalo BillsOFF AP UP NY
Johnny StrzykalskiHBSan Francisco 49ersOFF AP UP NY
Marion MotleyFBCleveland BrownsOFF AP UP NY
AP=Associated Press NY=New York Daily News OFF=Official PFI=Pro Football Illustrated TSN=The Sporting News UP=United Press
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