Hastings, John Scott
Born: July 5, 1964 Newport News, VA
High School:
Ohio UniversityNot on Team
Record Key
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCT
1999 San Diego Chargers (NFL)AmericanWesternStrength and Conditioning316880.500
2000 San Diego Chargers (NFL)AmericanWesternStrength and Conditioning5161150.063
2001 San Diego Chargers (NFL)AmericanWesternStrength and Conditioning5165110.313
2002 San Diego Chargers (NFL)AmericanWestStrength and Conditioning316880.500
2003 Washington Redskins (NFL)NationalEastHead Strength3165110.313
2004 Washington Redskins (NFL)NationalEastStrength and Conditioning4166100.375
2005 Washington Redskins (NFL)NationalEastStrength and Conditioning2161060.625
2006 Washington Redskins (NFL)NationalEastStrength and Conditioning4165110.313
2007 Washington Redskins (NFL)NationalEastStrength and Conditioning316970.563
2008 Washington Redskins (NFL)NationalEastStrength and Conditioning416880.500
2009 Washington Redskins (NFL)NationalEastStrength and Conditioning4164120.250
2010 Florida Tuskers (UFL)Strength and Conditioning18530.625
11 Years (NFL)Assistant Coach176691070.392
2005 Washington Redskins (NFL)NationalEastStrength and Conditioning211.500
2007 Washington Redskins (NFL)NationalEastStrength and Conditioning101.000
2010 Florida Tuskers (UFL)Strength and Conditioning101.000
2 Years (NFL)Assistant Coach312.333
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