Grant, Harry Peter, Jr.
Born: May 20, 1927 Superior, WI
Died: March 22, 2023 Bloomington, MN
High School: Superior (WI)
Military Service: United States Navy
Playing Record
Draft: 1st round (14th overall) 1950 Philadelphia Eagles
Record Key
1969 Associated Press NFL Coach of the Year
1969 Pro Football Writers of America NFL Coach of the Year
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCT
1957 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (WIFU)HEAD COACH2161240.750
1958 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (WIFU)HEAD COACH1161330.813
1959 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (WIFU)HEAD COACH1161240.750
1960 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (WIFU)HEAD COACH1161420.875
1961 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)WesternHEAD COACH1161330.813
1962 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)WesternHEAD COACH1161150.688
1963 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)WesternHEAD COACH416790.438
1964 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)WesternHEAD COACH5161141.094
1965 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)WesternHEAD COACH2161150.688
1966 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)WesternHEAD COACH216871.531
1967 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)WesternCentralHEAD COACH414383.321
1968 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)WesternCentralHEAD COACH114860.571
1969 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)WesternCentralHEAD COACH1141220.857
1970 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH1141220.857
1971 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH1141130.786
1972 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH314770.500
1973 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH1141220.857
1974 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH1141040.714
1975 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH1141220.857
1976 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH1141121.821
1977 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH114950.643
1978 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH116871.531
1979 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH316790.438
1980 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH116970.563
1981 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH416790.438
1982 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalHEAD COACH49540.556
1983 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH216880.500
1985 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH316790.438
18 Years (NFL)HEAD COACH259158965.620
10 Years (CFL)HEAD COACH160102562.644
1957 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (WIFU)HEAD COACH6321.583
1958 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (WIFU)HEAD COACH431.750
1959 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (WIFU)HEAD COACH3301.000
1960 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (WIFU)HEAD COACH312.333
1961 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)WesternHEAD COACH3301.000
1962 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)WesternHEAD COACH431.750
1965 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)WesternHEAD COACH532.600
1966 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)WesternHEAD COACH312.333
1968 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)WesternCentralHEAD COACH101.000
1969 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)WesternCentralHEAD COACH321.667
1970 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH101.000
1971 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH101.000
1973 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH321.667
1974 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH321.667
1975 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH101.000
1976 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH321.667
1977 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH211.500
1978 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH101.000
1980 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH101.000
1982 Minnesota Vikings (NFL)NationalHEAD COACH211.500
12 Years (NFL)HEAD COACH221012.455
8 Years (CFL)HEAD COACH3120101.661
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