Clark, Monte Dale
Born: January 24, 1937 Fillmore, CA
Died: September 16, 2009 Detroit, MI
High School: Kingsburg (CA)
1955Southern CaliforniaFreshmen Team
1956Southern CaliforniaLettered
1957Southern CaliforniaLettered
1958Southern CaliforniaLettered
Relatives: Father of Bryan Clark
Playing Record
Draft: 4th round (41st overall) 1959 San Francisco 49ers
Record Key
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCT
1970 Miami Dolphins (NFL)AmericanEasternOffensive Line2141040.714
1971 Miami Dolphins (NFL)AmericanEasternOffensive Line1141031.750
1972 Miami Dolphins (NFL)AmericanEasternOffensive Line11414001.000
1973 Miami Dolphins (NFL)AmericanEasternOffensive Line1141220.857
1974 Miami Dolphins (NFL)AmericanEasternOffensive Line1141130.786
1975 Miami Dolphins (NFL)AmericanEasternOffensive Line2141040.714
1976 San Francisco 49ers (NFL)NationalWesternHEAD COACH214860.571
1978 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH316790.438
1979 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH5162140.125
1980 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH216970.563
1981 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH216880.500
1982 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalHEAD COACH89450.444
1983 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH116970.563
1984 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH4164111.281
1995 Miami Dolphins (NFL)AmericanEasternOffensive Line316970.563
8 Years (NFL)HEAD COACH11951671.433
7 Years (NFL)Assistant Coach10076231.765
1970 Miami Dolphins (NFL)AmericanEasternOffensive Line101.000
1971 Miami Dolphins (NFL)AmericanEasternOffensive Line321.667
1972 Miami Dolphins (NFL)AmericanEasternOffensive Line3301.000
1973 Miami Dolphins (NFL)AmericanEasternOffensive Line3301.000
1974 Miami Dolphins (NFL)AmericanEasternOffensive Line101.000
1982 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalHEAD COACH101.000
1983 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH101.000
1995 Miami Dolphins (NFL)AmericanEasternOffensive Line101.000
6 Years (NFL)Assistant Coach1284.667
2 Years (NFL)HEAD COACH202.000
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