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+ Incomplete data
ATT Attempts
AVG Average
BL Blocked
COM Completions
DA Defensive Tackles (Assists)
DT Defensive Tackles (Solo)
FC Fair Catches
FF Forced Fumbles
FG Field Goals Made
FGA Field Goals Attempted
FUM Fumbles
GP Games Played
GS Games Started
I20 Inside 20
INC Incomlpletions
INT Interceptions
KO Kickoffs
LG Long Gain (L=lateral; t=touchdown)
MA Miscellaneous Tackles (Assists)
MT Miscellaneous Tackles (Solo)
NET Net average
NO Number
NYDS Net yards
OPP Opponents Fumble Recoveries
OSA Onside attempts
OSR Onside attempts recovered
OWN Own Team Fumble Recoveries
PCT Percentage
PD Passes Defensed
PEN Penalties
POS Position(s)
PTS Points
QH Quarterback Hits
REC Receptions
RTG Passer Rating
RUSH Rushing Attempts
RUSHYDS Yards Rushing
RYDS Return Yards
S Singles
SAF Safeties
STA Special Teams Tackles (Assists)
STT Special Teams Tackles (Solo)
TAR Target
TB Touchbacks
TD Touchdowns
TFR Total Fumble Recoveries
TKL Tackles
TOP Time of Possession (average per game)
TS Times Sacked
X1 One-point Conversions Made
X1A One-point Conversion Attempts
X2 Two-points Conversions Made
X2A Two-points Conversions Attempted
YDS Yards
YL Yards Lost
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