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College names are the current or final name of a school.

Ht=Height (Feet-Inches). Wt=Weight (Pounds).

Age=Year (Season)-Birth Year.

GP=Games Played. GS=Games Started.

AA American Football Association
AAFC All-America Football Conference
ACFL Atlantic Coast Football League
AFL American Football League
APFA American Professional Football Association
CFL Canadian Football League
COFL Continental Football League
DFL Dixie Football League
MWFL Midwest Football League
NAFL North American Football League
NFL National Football League
PCFL Pacific Coast Football League
PFLA Pro Football League of America
SFL Southern Football League
TFL Texas Football League
TAFL Trans-American Football League
UFL United Football League
WLAF World League of American Football
B Back
BB Blocking Back
C Center
CB Cornerback
DB Defensive Back
DE Defensive End
DG Defensive Guard
DH Defensive Halfback
DL Defensive Lineman
DT Defensive Tackle
E End
FB Fullback
FL Flanker
FS Free Safety
FW Flying Wing
G Guard
HB Halfback
HBK H-Back
ILB Inside Linebacker
JLB Jack Linebacker
K Kicker
LCB Left Cornerback
LLB Left Linebacker
LB Linebacker
LDE Left Defensive End
LDH Left Defensive Halfback
LDT Left Defensive Tackle
LILB Left Inside Linebacker
LOE Left Offensive End
LOG Left Offensive Guard
LOH Left Offensive Halfback
LOLB Left Outside Linebacker
LONG Long Snapper
LOT Left Offensive Tackke
LS Left Safety
MG Middle Guard
No Uniform Number(s)
NT Nose Tackle
OE Offensive End
OG Offensive Guard
OHB Offensive Halfback
OL Offensive Lineman
OLB Outside Linebacker
OT Offensive Tackle
P Punter
Pos Position(s) Played
QB Quarterback
RB Running
RCB Right Cornerback
RDH Right Defensive Halfback
RLB Right Linebacker
RDE Right Defensive End
RDT Right Defensive Tackle
RILB Right Inside Linebacker
ROE Right Offensive End
ROG Right Offensive Guard
ROH Right Offensive Halfback
ROLB Right Outside Linebacker
ROT Right Offensive Tackle
RS Right Safety
S Safety
SB Slot Back
SLB Strongside Linebacker
SS Strong Safety
T Tackle
TB Tailback
TE Tight End
UT Under Tackle
WB Wingback
WLB Weakside Linebacker
WS Weak Safety
WR Wide Receiver
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