Otto, James Edwin
Height: 6-2 Weight: 244
Born: 1/5/1938 Wausau, WI
High School: Wausau (WI)
College: Miami (Florida) [1956 1957L 1958L 1959L] ?
Draft: First Selections 1960 Oakland Raiders
Roster KeyStat Key
1960 Oakland Raiders (AFL)50Jim Otto14
1961 Oakland Raiders (AFL)00Jim Otto14
1962 Oakland Raiders (AFL)00Jim Otto14
1963 Oakland Raiders (AFL)00Jim Otto14
1964 Oakland Raiders (AFL)00Jim Otto14
1965 Oakland Raiders (AFL)00Jim Otto14
1966 Oakland Raiders (AFL)00Jim Otto14
1967 Oakland Raiders (AFL)00Jim Otto14
1968 Oakland Raiders (AFL)00Jim Otto1414
1969 Oakland Raiders (AFL)00Jim Otto1414
1970 Oakland Raiders (NFL)00Jim Otto1414
1971 Oakland Raiders (NFL)00Jim Otto1414
1972 Oakland Raiders (NFL)00Jim Otto1414
1973 Oakland Raiders (NFL)00Jim Otto1414
1974 Oakland Raiders (NFL)00Jim Otto1414
15 Years (NFL)21098
1960 Official All-AFL
1960 Associated Press All-AFL
1961 Associated Press All-AFL
1961 United Press International All-AFL
1961 The Sporting News All-AFL
1961 New York Daily News All-AFL
1962 Associated Press All-AFL
1962 United Press International All-AFL
1962 The Sporting News All-AFL
1962 Pro Football Digest All-AFL
1963 Associated Press All-AFL
1963 United Press International All-AFL
1963 The Sporting News All-AFL
1963 Newspaper Enterprise Association All-AFL
1963 New York Daily News All-AFL
1964 Associated Press All-AFL
1964 United Press International All-AFL
1964 The Sporting News All-AFL
1964 Newspaper Enterprise Association All-AFL
1964 New York Daily News All-NFL
1965 Associated Press All-AFL
1965 United Press International All-AFL
1965 The Sporting News All-AFL
1965 Newspaper Enterprise Association All-AFL
1965 New York Daily News All-AFL
1966 United Press International All-AFL
1966 The Sporting News All-AFL
1966 Newspaper Enterprise Association All-AFL
1966 New York Daily News All-AFL
1967 Associated Press All-AFL
1967 United Press International All-AFL
1967 The Sporting News All-AFL
1967 Newspaper Enterprise Association All-AFL
1967 New York Daily News All-AFL
1967 United Press International All-NFL
1968 Pro Football Weekly All-Pro
1968 Associated Press All-AFL
1968 United Press International All-AFL
1968 Newspaper Enterprise Association All-AFL
1968 The Sporting News All-AFL
1968 Pro Football Weekly All-AFL
1969 Associated Press All-AFL
1969 United Press International All-AFL
1969 Newspaper Enterprise Association All-AFL
1969 The Sporting News All-AFL
1969 Pro Football Weekly All-AFL
1969 New York Daily News All-AFL
1969 Sports Illustrated All-AFL
1970 Associated Press All-NFL
1970 Newspaper Enterprise Association All-NFL
1970 United Press International All-AFC
1970 The Sporting News All-AFC
1970 Pro Football Weekly All-AFC
1970 Pro Bowl All-AFC
1971 Newspaper Enterprise Association All-NFL
1971 The Sporting News All-AFC
1972 Associated Press All-AFC
1972 The Sporting News All-AFC
1972 Pro Bowl All-AFC
1965 Oakland Raiders (AFL)10
1968 Oakland Raiders (AFL)0010100
1970 Oakland Raiders (NFL)0010100
1971 Oakland Raiders (NFL)1000-70
1973 Oakland Raiders (NFL)1101-150
Career Totals (NFL)30303-220
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