Newton, Nathaniel, Jr. (The Kitchen)
Height: 6-2 Weight: 325
Born: December 20, 1961 Orlando, FL
High School: Jones (Orlando, FL)
College: Florida A&M [1980 1981 1982 1983]
Draft: Territorial Selection 1983 Tampa Bay Bandits
Relatives: Brother of Tim Newton
Roster KeyStat Key
1984 Tampa Bay Bandits (USFL)61ROG1818
1985 Tampa Bay Bandits (USFL)61ROG1818
1986 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)67OG110
1987 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)61LOG1111
1988 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)61LOG1515
1989 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)76LOG1616
1990 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)61ROT1616
1991 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)61ROT1414
1992 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)61LOG1515
1993 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)61LOG1616
1994 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)61LOG1616
1995 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)61LOG1616
1996 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)61LOG1616
1997 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)61LOG1313
1998 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)61LOG1616
1999 Carolina Panthers (NFL)58OG70
14 Years (NFL)198180
1992 United Press International All-NFC
1993 Pro Football Weekly All-NFL
1993 Pro Bowl All-NFC
1994 Associated Press All-NFL
1994 Pro Football Weekly All-NFL
1994 United Press International All-NFC
1994 Pro Football Weekly All-NFC
1994 Pro Bowl All-NFC
1995 Associated Press All-NFL
1995 The Sporting News All-NFL
1995 United Press International All-NFC
1995 Pro Bowl All-NFC
1988 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)122.020000
Career Totals (NFL)122.020000
1990 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)0020200
1991 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)0010100
1992 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)0010100
1997 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)0010100
Career Totals (NFL)0050500
1999 Carolina Panthers (NFL)000000000
Career Totals (NFL)000000000
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