Hill, Kent Angelo
Height: 6-5 Weight: 260
Born: 3/7/1957 Americus, GA
College: Georgia Tech [1975 1976L 1977L 1978L]
Draft: 1st round (26th overall) 1979 Los Angeles Rams
Roster KeyStat Key
1979 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)72LOG169
1980 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)72LOG1616
1981 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)72LOG1611
1982 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)72LOG99
1983 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)72LOG1616
1984 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)78LOG1616
1985 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)72LOG1616
1986 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)72LOG22
1986 Houston Oilers (NFL)72ROG1313
1986 Year (NFL)1515
1987 Houston Oilers (NFL)72ROG126
9 Years (NFL)132114
1980 Pro Football Weekly All-NFL
1980 United Press International All-NFC
1980 Pro Football Weekly All-NFC
1980 Pro Bowl All-NFC
1982 United Press International All-NFC
1983 The Sporting News All-NFL
1983 United Press International All-NFC
1983 Pro Football Weekly All-NFC
1983 Pro Bowl All-NFC
1985 Pro Bowl All-NFC
1982 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)0020200
Career Totals (NFL)0020200
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