Fralic, William P., Jr.
Height: 6-5 Weight: 280
Born: 10/31/1962 Pittsburgh, PA
Died: 12/13/2018 GA
High School: Penn Hills (PA)
College: Pittsburgh [1981L 1982L 1983L 1984L]
Draft: 1st round (2nd overall) 1985 Atlanta Falcons; Territorial Selection 1985 Baltimore Stars
Roster KeyStat Key
1985 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)79ROG-ROT1514
1986 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)79ROG-ROT1616
1987 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)79ROG1212
1988 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)79ROG1414
1989 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)79ROG1515
1990 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)69ROG1616
1991 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)79ROG1212
1992 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)79ROG1616
1993 Detroit Lions (NFL)79ROG1616
9 Years (NFL)132131
1986 Associated Press All-NFL
1986 The Sporting News All-NFL
1986 Pro Football Weekly All-NFL
1986 Newspaper Enterprise Association All-NFL
1986 Pro Football Weekly All-NFC
1986 Pro Bowl All-NFC
1987 Associated Press All-NFL
1987 The Sporting News All-NFL
1987 Pro Football Weekly All-NFL
1987 Pro Football Writers of America All-NFL
1987 United Press International All-NFC
1987 Pro Football Weekly All-NFC
1987 Pro Bowl All-NFC
1988 Newspaper Enterprise Association All-NFL
1988 United Press International All-NFC
1988 Pro Bowl All-NFC
1989 United Press International All-NFC
1993 Detroit Lions (NFL)1-4-4.0-400000
Career Totals (NFL)1-4-4.0-400000
1992 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)0020200
Career Totals (NFL)0020200
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