New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Rams Game Statistics
Date: September 11, 1983 Location: Anaheim, CA
Venue: Anaheim Stadium Attendance: 45572
Weather: Scattered Clouds Temp: 100 F Humidty: 29% Wind: 12 mph
Score By Quarters1st2nd3rd4thFinal
New Orleans Saints3710727
Los Angeles Rams0771630
QtrTeamScoring PlaysNOLARM
1New Orleans SaintsMorten Andersen 27 FG30
2New Orleans SaintsWayne Wilson 1 run (Morten Andersen kick)100
2Los Angeles RamsEric Dickerson 3 run (Chuck Nelson kick)107
3New Orleans SaintsHokie Gajan 4 run (Morten Andersen kick)177
3Los Angeles RamsDavid Hill 11 pass from Vince Ferragamo (Chuck Nelson kick)1714
3New Orleans SaintsMorten Andersen 30 FG2014
4Los Angeles RamsEric Dickerson 1 run (Chuck Nelson kick)2021
4New Orleans SaintsEugene Goodlow 15 pass from Ken Stabler (Morten Andersen kick)2721
4Los Angeles RamsSafety, Russell Erxleben ran out of end zone by (Team)2723
4Los Angeles RamsEric Dickerson 3 run (Chuck Nelson kick)2730
Data CoverageStat Key
New Orleans Saints
Wayne Wilson17563.3181
George Rogers10424.2100
Hokie Gajan8243.051
Jimmy Rogers591.840
Russell Erxleben1-10-10.0-100
Los Angeles Rams
Eric Dickerson18884.9203
Barry Redden5234.6140
Vince Ferragamo2-7-3.5-30
New Orleans Saints
Ken Stabler301653.312207.34810074.3
Dave Wilson100.0000.000039.6
Los Angeles Rams
Vince Ferragamo301756.722668.957111169.6
New Orleans Saints
Jeff Groth45112.8210
Lindsay Scott33110.3150
Kenny Duckett25929.5480
Eugene Goodlow23819.0231
Hoby Brenner22211.0120
Wayne Wilson2178.5110
Hokie Gajan122.020
Los Angeles Rams
David Hill46315.8341
Eric Dickerson44010.0240
Mike Guman34113.7230
Otis Grant26834.0570
Mike Barber23517.5180
Robert Alexander11010.0100
George Farmer199.090
New Orleans Saints
Johnnie Poe11212.0120
Whitney Paul100.000
Los Angeles Rams
Kirk Collins12727.0270
New Orleans Saints
Russell Erxleben417944.8560
Los Angeles Rams
John Misko519839.6600
New Orleans Saints
Jeff Groth3144.760
Los Angeles Rams
LeRoy Irvin3134.3100
New Orleans Saints
Kenny Duckett36120.3260
Rich Mauti25326.5350
Los Angeles Rams
Barry Redden35618.7250
LeRoy Irvin12222.0220
New Orleans Saints
Jim Wilks1.0
Los Angeles Rams
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