White, Michael Kavanaugh
Born: January 4, 1936 Berkeley, CA
High School: Acalanes (Lafayette, CA)
College: California [1954 1955L 1956L 1957L]
Record Key
1979 San Francisco 49ers (NFL)NationalWesternAdministrative Assistant/Assistant Offensive Line4162140.125
1990 Los Angeles Raiders (NFL)AmericanWesternSpecial Projects1161240.750211.500
1991 Los Angeles Raiders (NFL)AmericanWesternQuarterbacks316970.563101.000
1992 Los Angeles Raiders (NFL)AmericanWesternQuarterbacks416790.438
1993 Los Angeles Raiders (NFL)AmericanWesternOffensive Line2161060.625211.500
1994 Los Angeles Raiders (NFL)AmericanWesternOffensive Line316970.563
1995 Oakland Raiders (NFL)AmericanWesternHEAD COACH516880.500
1996 Oakland Raiders (NFL)AmericanWesternHEAD COACH416790.438
1997 St. Louis Rams (NFL)NationalWesternAssistant Head Coach/Tight Ends5165110.313
1998 St. Louis Rams (NFL)NationalWesternAssistant Head Coach/Quarterbacks5164120.250
1999 St. Louis Rams (NFL)NationalWesternAssistant Head Coach1161330.8133301.000
2002 Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)AmericanWestDirector of Football Administration416880.500
2003 Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)AmericanWestDirector of Football Administration1161330.812101.000
2004 Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)AmericanWestDirector of Football Administration316790.438
2005 Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)AmericanWestDirector of Football Administration2161060.625
13 Years (NFL)Assistant Coach208109990.524954.556
2 Years (NFL)HEAD COACH3215170.469
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