Smith, Richard Paul
Born: 5/18/1904 Brokaw, WI
Died: 3/8/1978 Sylvania, OH
High School: Kaukauna (WI)
College: Lawrence; Notre Dame [; 1925P 1926P] ?
Playing RecordRecord Key
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCTPGPWPLPPCT
1935 Detroit Lions (NFL)WesternAssistant Coach112732.6671101.000
1936 Green Bay Packers (NFL)WesternAssistant Coach1121011.8751101.000
1937 Green Bay Packers (NFL)WesternAssistant Coach211740.636
1938 Green Bay Packers (NFL)WesternAssistant Coach111830.727101.000
1939 Green Bay Packers (NFL)WesternAssistant Coach111920.8181101.000
1940 Green Bay Packers (NFL)WesternAssistant Coach211641.591
1941 Green Bay Packers (NFL)WesternAssistant Coach1111010.909101.000
1942 Green Bay Packers (NFL)WesternAssistant Coach211821.773
1943 Green Bay Packers (NFL)WesternAssistant Coach210721.750
1944 New York Giants (NFL)EasternLine110811.850101.000
1945 New York Giants (NFL)EasternAssistant Coach310361.350
1946 New York Giants (NFL)EasternAssistant Coach111731.682101.000
1947 New York Giants (NFL)EasternLine512282.250
1948 New York Giants (NFL)EasternBackfield312480.333
14 YearsAssistant Coach155964811.655734.429
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