Shaw, Lawrence Timothy
Born: 3/28/1899 Mitchellville, IA
Died: 3/19/1977 Menlo Park, CA
High School:
College: Notre Dame [1919P 1920P 1921P] ?
Record Key
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCTPGPWPLPPCT
1946 San Francisco 49ers (AAFC)WesternHEAD COACH214950.643
1947 San Francisco 49ers (AAFC)WesternHEAD COACH214842.643
1948 San Francisco 49ers (AAFC)WesternHEAD COACH2141220.857
1949 San Francisco 49ers (AAFC)HEAD COACH212930.750211.500
1950 San Francisco 49ers (NFL)NationalHEAD COACH512390.250
1951 San Francisco 49ers (NFL)NationalHEAD COACH212741.625
1952 San Francisco 49ers (NFL)NationalHEAD COACH312750.583
1953 San Francisco 49ers (NFL)WesternHEAD COACH212930.750
1954 San Francisco 49ers (NFL)WesternHEAD COACH312741.625
1958 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH512291.208
1959 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH212750.583
1960 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH1121020.8331101.000
12 YearsHEAD COACH15090555.617321.667
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