Rymkus, Louis Joseph
Born: 11/6/1919 Royalton, IL
Died: 10/31/1998 Houston, TX
High School: Tilden (Chicago, IL)
College: Notre Dame [1939 1940P 1941P 1942P] ?
Draft: 7th Round (60th overall) 1943 Washington Redskins
Playing RecordRecord Key
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCTPGPWPLPPCT
1954 Green Bay Packers (NFL)WesternLine512480.333
1955 Green Bay Packers (NFL)WesternLine312660.500
1956 Green Bay Packers (NFL)WesternOffensive Line512480.333
1957 Green Bay Packers (NFL)WesternOffensive Line612390.250
1958 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)WesternOffensive Line212840.667
1959 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)WesternOffensive Line6122100.167
1960 Houston Oilers (AFL)EasternHEAD COACH1141040.7141101.000
1961 Houston Oilers (AFL)EasternHEAD COACH1/24/15131.300
1965 Houston Oilers (AFL)EasternOffensive Line4144100.286
1966 Detroit Lions (NFL)WesternOffensive Line614491.321
1970 Baltimore Colts (NFL)AmericanEasternOffensive Line1141121.8213301.000
2 YearsHEAD COACH191171.6051101.000
9 YearsAssistant Coach11446662.4123301.000
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