Riley, Michael Joseph
Born: July 6, 1953 Wallace, ID
High School: Corvallis (OR)
Relatives: Son of Bud Riley
Record Key
Regular SeasonPlayoffs
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCTGWLTPCT
1983 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)WesternDefensive Backfield216970.563211.500
1984 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)WesternDefensive Backfield2161141.7193301.000
1985 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)WesternDefensive Secondary2161240.750211.500
1987 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)EasternHEAD COACH1181260.667101.000
1988 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)EasternHEAD COACH218990.5003301.000
1989 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)EasternHEAD COACH3187110.389211.500
1990 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)EasternHEAD COACH1181260.6672201.000
1991 San Antonio Riders (WLAF)North American WestHEAD COACH210460.400
1992 San Antonio Riders (WLAF)North American WestHEAD COACH310730.700
1999 San Diego Chargers (NFL)AmericanWesternHEAD COACH316880.500
2000 San Diego Chargers (NFL)AmericanWesternHEAD COACH5161150.063
2001 San Diego Chargers (NFL)AmericanWesternHEAD COACH5165110.313
2002 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalSouthAssistant Head Coach/Secondary316970.562
2019 San Antonio Commanders (AAF)WesternHEAD COACH28530.625
2020 Seattle Dragons (XFL)WestOffensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks45140.200
2022 New Jersey Generals (USFL)NorthHEAD COACH110910.900101.000
3 Years (NFL)HEAD COACH4814340.292
1 Year (NFL)Assistant Coach16970.563
4 Years (CFL)HEAD COACH7240320.5568620.750
3 Years (CFL)Assistant Coach4832151.6777520.714
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