Payton, Patrick Sean
Born: December 29, 1963 San Mateo, CA
High School: Central (Naperville, IL)
College: Eastern Illinois [1983P 1984P 1985P 1986P]
Playing RecordRecord Key
2006 Associated Press NFL Coach of the Year
2006 Pro Football Weekly NFL Coach of the Year
1997 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEasternQuarterbacks316691.406
1998 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEasternQuarterbacks5163130.188
1999 New York Giants (NFL)NationalEasternQuarterbacks316790.438
2000 New York Giants (NFL)NationalEasternOffensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks1161240.750321.667
2001 New York Giants (NFL)NationalEasternOffensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks316790.438
2002 New York Giants (NFL)NationalEastOffensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks2161060.625101.000
2003 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)NationalEastAssistant Head Coach/Quarterbacks2161060.625101.000
2004 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)NationalEastAssistant Head Coach/Quarterbacks3166100.375
2005 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)NationalEastAssistant Head Coach/Passing Game Coordinator316970.562
2006 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalSouthHEAD COACH1161060.625211.500
2007 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalSouthHEAD COACH316790.438
2008 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalSouthHEAD COACH416880.500
2009 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalSouthHEAD COACH1161330.8133301.000
2010 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalSouthHEAD COACH2161150.688101.000
2011 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalSouthHEAD COACH1161330.813211.500
2013 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalSouthHEAD COACH2161150.688211.500
2014 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalSouthHEAD COACH216790.438
2015 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalSouthHEAD COACH316790.438
2016 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalSouthHEAD COACH316790.438
2017 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalSouthHEAD COACH2161150.688211.500
2018 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalSouthHEAD COACH1161330.813211.500
2019 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalSouthHEAD COACH1161330.813101.000
2020 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalSouthHEAD COACH1161240.750211.500
2021 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalSouthHEAD COACH217980.529
15 Years (NFL)HEAD COACH241152890.6311798.529
9 Years (NFL)Assistant Coach14470731.490523.400
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