Parker, Raymond Klein
Born: 12/16/1913 Slaton, TX
Died: 3/22/1982 Kaufman County, TX
High School: Kemp (TX)
College: Centenary [1931fr 1932P 1933P 1934P] ?
Playing RecordRecord Key
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCTPGPWPLPPCT
1944 Chicago Cardinals-Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)WesternAssistant Coach5100100.000
1946 Chicago Cardinals (NFL)WesternAssistant Coach311650.545
1947 Chicago Cardinals (NFL)WesternAssistant Coach112930.7501101.000
1948 Chicago Cardinals (NFL)WesternAssistant Coach1121110.917101.000
1949 Chicago Cardinals (NFL)WesternCO-HEAD COACH1/23/36240.333
1949 Chicago Cardinals (NFL)WesternHEAD COACH2/23/36411.750
1950 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalBackfield412660.500
1951 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalHEAD COACH212741.625
1952 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalHEAD COACH112930.7502201.000
1953 Detroit Lions (NFL)WesternHEAD COACH1121020.8331101.000
1954 Detroit Lions (NFL)WesternHEAD COACH112921.792101.000
1955 Detroit Lions (NFL)WesternHEAD COACH612390.250
1956 Detroit Lions (NFL)WesternHEAD COACH212930.750
1957 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH312660.500
1958 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH312741.625
1959 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH412651.542
1960 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH512561.458
1961 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH514680.429
1962 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH214950.643
1963 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH414743.607
1964 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH614590.357
16 YearsHEAD COACH188104759.577431.750
5 YearsAssistant Coach5732250.561211.500
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