McLaughlin, Leon Clifford
Born: 5/30/1925 San Diego, CA
Died: 10/27/2014 King County, WA
High School: Santa Monica (CA)
College: UCLA [1946L 1947L 1948L 1949L] ?
Draft: 21st Round (193rd overall) 1947 Los Angeles Rams; 29th Round (205th overall) 1948 Los Angeles Dons
Playing RecordRecord Key
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCTPGPWPLPPCT
1966 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)EasternOffensive Line614581.393
1967 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)EasternCenturyOffensive Line414491.321
1968 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)EasternCenturyOffensive Line4142111.179
1971 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)NationalWesternOffensive Line214851.607
1972 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)NationalWesternOffensive Line314671.464
1973 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralOffensive Line214671.464
1974 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralOffensive Line214770.500
1975 Green Bay Packers (NFL)NationalCentralOffensive Line3144100.286
1976 Green Bay Packers (NFL)NationalCentralOffensive Line414590.357
1977 New England Patriots (NFL)AmericanEasternOffensive Line314950.643
1979 St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)NationalEasternSpecial Assistant5165110.313
1980 St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)NationalEasternSpecial Assistant4165110.313
1981 St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)NationalEasternSpecial Assistant516790.438
1982 St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)NationalSpecial Assistant69540.556101.000
1983 St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)NationalEasternSpecial Assistant316871.531
1984 St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)NationalEasternSpecial Assistant316970.563
1985 St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)NationalEasternSpecial Assistant5165110.313
1986 St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)NationalEasternSpecial Assistant5164111.281
1987 St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)NationalEasternSpecial Assistant-Quality Control315780.467
1988 Phoenix Cardinals (NFL)NationalEasternSpecial Assistant-Quality Control416790.438
1989 Phoenix Cardinals (NFL)NationalEasternSpecial Assistant-Quality Control4165110.313
21 YearsAssistant Coach3081231778.412101.000
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