Matthews, Billie Watson
Born: 3/15/1930 Houston, TX
Died: 12/6/2001 Redwood City, CA
High School: Phillis Wheatley (Houston, TX)
College: Southern University [1948 1949 1950 1951] ?
Record Key
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCTPGPWPLPPCT
1979 San Francisco 49ers (NFL)NationalWesternRunning Backs4162140.125
1980 San Francisco 49ers (NFL)NationalWesternRunning Backs3166100.375
1981 San Francisco 49ers (NFL)NationalWesternRunning Backs1161330.8133301.000
1982 San Francisco 49ers (NFL)NationalRunning Backs119360.333
1983 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEasternRunning Backs4165110.313
1984 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEasternRunning Backs516691.406
1985 Indianapolis Colts (NFL)AmericanEasternOffensive Coordinator/Running Backs4165110.313
1986 Indianapolis Colts (NFL)AmericanEasternOffensive Coordinator/Running Backs5163130.188
1987 Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)AmericanWesternRunning Backs5154110.267
1988 Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)AmericanWesternRunning Backs5164111.281
1989 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralDefensive Backs316790.438
1990 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralDefensive Backs3166100.375
1991 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralDefensive Backs1161240.750211.500
1992 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralRunning Backs5165110.313
1993 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralRunning Backs1161060.625101.000
1994 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralRunning Backs316970.563101.000
16 YearsAssistant Coach2481001462.407743.571
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