Higgins, Thomas Joseph John, Jr.
Born: July 13, 1954 Newark, NJ
High School: Colonia (NJ)
1972North Carolina State
1973North Carolina State
1974North Carolina StateLettered
1975North Carolina StateLettered
Relatives: Son of Tom Higgins
Playing RecordRecord Key
Regular SeasonPlayoffs
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCTGWLTPCT
1985 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WesternLinebackers/Special Teams5163130.188
1986 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WesternLinebackers/Special Teams3181170.611101.000
1987 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WesternLinebackers/Special Teams3181080.556101.000
1988 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WesternOffensive Line4186120.333
1989 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WesternOffensive Coordinator/Offensive Line2181080.556101.000
1990 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WesternAssistant Head Coach/Defensive Line1181161.639201.000
1991 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WesternAssistant Head Coach/Defensive Line2181170.611321.667
1994 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WesternDefensive Line1181530.833211.500
2001 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestHEAD COACH118990.500101.000
2002 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestHEAD COACH1181350.722211.500
2003 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestHEAD COACH1181350.7222201.000
2004 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestHEAD COACH218990.500101.000
2005 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WestHEAD COACH2181170.611101.000
2006 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WestHEAD COACH2181080.556101.000
2007 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WestHEAD COACH3187101.417101.000
2014 Montreal Alouettes (CFL)EastHEAD COACH218990.500211.500
2015 Montreal Alouettes (CFL)EastHEAD COACH1/24/48350.375
9 Years (CFL)HEAD COACH15284671.55611470.364
8 Years (CFL)Assistant Coach14277641.54610360.300
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