Hefferle, Ernest Edward
Born: 1/12/1915 Herminie, PA
High School: Sewickley Township (PA)
College: Duquesne [1933 1934P 1935 1936P] ?
Record Key
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCTPGPWPLPPCT
1959 Washington Redskins (NFL)EasternLine512390.250
1965 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)EasternReceivers7142120.143
1966 Miami Dolphins (AFL)EasternOffensive Line4143110.214
1967 Miami Dolphins (AFL)EasternOffensive Line3144100.286
1968 Miami Dolphins (AFL)EasternOffensive Line314581.393
1969 Miami Dolphins (AFL)EasternOffensive Line5143101.250
1975 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalWesternHEAD COACH2/24/48170.125
1 YearHEAD COACH8170.125
6 YearsAssistant Coach8220602.256
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