Harris, Bishop
Born: 11/23/1941 Phenix City, AL
High School:
College: North Carolina Central [1959L 1960L 1961L 1962L] ?
Record Key
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCTPGPWPLPPCT
1993 Denver Broncos (NFL)AmericanWesternRunning Backs316970.563101.000
1994 Denver Broncos (NFL)AmericanWesternRunning Backs416790.438
1995 Oakland Raiders (NFL)AmericanWesternRunning Backs516880.500
1996 Oakland Raiders (NFL)AmericanWesternRunning Backs416790.438
1997 Oakland Raiders (NFL)AmericanWesternRunning Backs4164120.250
1998 Buffalo Bills (NFL)AmericanEasternRunning Backs3161060.625101.000
1999 Buffalo Bills (NFL)AmericanEasternRunning Backs2161150.688101.000
2001 New York Jets (NFL)AmericanEasternRunning Backs3161060.625101.000
2002 New York Jets (NFL)AmericanEastRunning Backs116970.562211.500
2003 New York Jets (NFL)AmericanEastRunning Backs4166100.375
2004 New York Jets (NFL)AmericanEastRunning Backs2161060.625211.500
2005 San Francisco 49ers (NFL)NationalWestRunning Backs4164120.250
2006 San Francisco 49ers (NFL)NationalWestRunning Backs316790.438
2007 San Francisco 49ers (NFL)NationalWestRunning Backs3165110.313
14 YearsAssistant Coach2241071170.478826.250
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