Garrett, James William
Born: June 19, 1930 Passaic, NJ
Died: February 9, 2018 NJ
High School: Rutherford (NJ)
College: St. Mary's (California); Utah State [1948fr; 1950L 1951L]
Military Service: United States Army
Relatives: Father of Jason Garrett; father of John Garrett; father of Judd Garrett
Playing RecordRecord Key
1968 Orlando Panthers (COFL)AtlanticAssistant Coach1121020.8332201.000
1970 New York Giants (NFL)NationalEasternSpecial Teams214950.643
1971 New York Giants (NFL)NationalEasternSpecial Teams5144100.286
1972 New York Giants (NFL)NationalEasternSpecial Teams314860.571
1973 New York Giants (NFL)NationalEasternDefense5142111.179
1974 Houston Texans/Shreveport Steamer (WFL)WesternHEAD COACH1/3/11371.318
1976 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalWesternDefensive Backs3144100.286
1977 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalWesternDefensive Backs4143110.214
1978 Cleveland Browns (NFL)AmericanCentralOffensive Backs316880.500
1979 Cleveland Browns (NFL)AmericanCentralOffensive Backs316970.563
1980 Cleveland Browns (NFL)AmericanCentralOffensive Backs1161150.688101.000
1981 Cleveland Browns (NFL)AmericanCentralOffensive Backs4165110.313
1982 Cleveland Browns (NFL)AmericanResearch and Development89450.444101.000
1983 Cleveland Browns (NFL)AmericanCentralResearch and Development216970.563
1984 Cleveland Browns (NFL)AmericanCentralResearch and Development3165110.313
13 Years (NFL)Assistant Coach189811071.431202.000
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