Fassel, John W.
Born: January 10, 1974 Anaheim, CA
High School:
College: Pacific; Weber State [1994R 1995; 1996 1997P 1998P]
Relatives: Son of Jim Fassel
Record Key
2000 Amsterdam Admirals (NFLE)Strength and Conditioning410460.400
2005 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthCoaching Assistant3166100.375
2006 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthSpecial Teams Assistant1161330.813101.000
2007 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthSpecial Teams Assistant4165110.313
2008 Oakland Raiders (NFL)AmericanWestQuality Control-Special Teams3165110.313
2009 Oakland Raiders (NFL)AmericanWestSpecial Teams Coordinator3165110.313
2010 Oakland Raiders (NFL)AmericanWestSpecial Teams Coordinator316880.500
2011 Oakland Raiders (NFL)AmericanWestSpecial Teams Coordinator316880.500
2012 St. Louis Rams (NFL)NationalWestSpecial Teams Coordinator316781.469
2013 St. Louis Rams (NFL)NationalWestSpecial Teams Coordinator416790.438
2014 St. Louis Rams (NFL)NationalWestSpecial Teams Coordinator4166100.375
2015 St. Louis Rams (NFL)NationalWestSpecial Teams Coordinator316790.438
2016 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)NationalWestSpecial Teams Coordinator3164120.250
2017 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)NationalWestSpecial Teams Coordinator1161150.688101.000
2018 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)NationalWestSpecial Teams Coordinator1161330.813321.667
2019 Los Angeles Rams (NFL)NationalWestSpecial Teams Coordinator316970.563
2020 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)NationalEastSpecial Teams Coordinator3166100.375
2021 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)NationalEastSpecial Teams Coordinator1171250.706101.000
17 Years (NFL)Assistant Coach2731321401.485624.333
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