Dickson, George Charles, Jr.
Born: 9/27/1921 Boston, MA
High School: South Pasadena (CA)
College: Notre Dame [1940? 1941? 1947 1948 1949P] ?
Record Key
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCTPGPWPLPPCT
1961 Oakland Raiders (AFL)WesternDefensive Backs4142120.143
1964 Denver Broncos (AFL)WesternDefensive Backs4142111.179
1965 Denver Broncos (AFL)WesternDefensive Backs4144100.286
1966 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)EasternOffensive Backs7143110.214
1967 New Orleans Saints (NFL)EasternCapitolChief Offense4143110.214
1968 New Orleans Saints (NFL)EasternCenturyChief Offensive314491.321
1969 Washington Redskins (NFL)EasternCapitolOffense214752.571
1970 Washington Redskins (NFL)NationalEasternOffensive Backs414680.429
1971 Houston Oilers (NFL)AmericanCentralSpecial Teams/Linebackers314491.321
1972 San Diego Chargers (NFL)AmericanWesternOffensive Backs414491.321
1973 San Diego Chargers (NFL)AmericanWesternOffensive Backs4142111.179
1974 San Diego Chargers (NFL)AmericanWesternLinebackers414590.357
1975 San Diego Chargers (NFL)AmericanWesternSpecial Assignments4142120.143
1978 Washington Redskins (NFL)NationalEasternOffensive Backs316880.500
1979 Washington Redskins (NFL)NationalEasternLinebackers3161060.625
1980 Washington Redskins (NFL)NationalEasternLinebackers3166100.375
16 YearsAssistant Coach230721517.328
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