Coryell, Donald David
Born: October 17, 1924 Seattle, WA
Died: July 1, 2010 La Mesa, CA
High School: Abraham Lincoln (Seattle, WA)
College: Washington [1946 1947R 1948R 1949L]
Record Key
1974 Associated Press NFL Coach of the Year
1973 St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)NationalEasternHEAD COACH414491.321
1974 St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)NationalEasternHEAD COACH1141040.714101.000
1975 St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)NationalEasternHEAD COACH1141130.786101.000
1976 St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)NationalEasternHEAD COACH3141040.714
1977 St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)NationalEasternHEAD COACH314770.500
1978 San Diego Chargers (NFL)AmericanWesternHEAD COACH2/24/412840.667
1979 San Diego Chargers (NFL)AmericanWesternHEAD COACH1161240.750101.000
1980 San Diego Chargers (NFL)AmericanWesternHEAD COACH1161150.688211.500
1981 San Diego Chargers (NFL)AmericanWesternHEAD COACH1161060.625211.500
1982 San Diego Chargers (NFL)AmericanHEAD COACH59630.667211.500
1983 San Diego Chargers (NFL)AmericanWesternHEAD COACH4166100.375
1984 San Diego Chargers (NFL)AmericanWesternHEAD COACH516790.438
1985 San Diego Chargers (NFL)AmericanWesternHEAD COACH416880.500
1986 San Diego Chargers (NFL)AmericanWesternHEAD COACH1/25/58170.125
14 Years (NFL)HEAD COACH195111831.572936.333
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