Carthon, Maurice
Born: 4/24/1961 Chicago, IL
High School: Osceola (AR)
College: Arkansas State [1979L 1980L 1981L 1982L] ?
Playing RecordRecord Key
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCTPGPWPLPPCT
1994 New England Patriots (NFL)AmericanEasternOffensive Assistant2161060.625101.000
1995 New England Patriots (NFL)AmericanEasternOffensive Assistant-Fullbacks/Special Teams4166100.375
1996 New England Patriots (NFL)AmericanEasternRunning Backs1161150.688321.667
1997 New York Jets (NFL)AmericanEasternRunning Backs316970.563
1998 New York Jets (NFL)AmericanEasternRunning Backs1161240.750211.500
1999 New York Jets (NFL)AmericanEasternRunning Backs416880.500
2000 New York Jets (NFL)AmericanEasternAssistant Head Coach/Running Backs316970.563
2001 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralRunning Backs5162140.125
2002 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalNorthOffensive Coordinator/Running Backs4163130.188
2003 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)NationalEastOffensive Coordinator/Running Backs2161060.625101.000
2004 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)NationalEastOffensive Coordinator/Running Backs3166100.375
2005 Cleveland Browns (NFL)AmericanNorthOffensive Coordinator4166100.375
2006 Cleveland Browns (NFL)AmericanNorthOffensive Coordinator4164120.250
2007 Arizona Cardinals (NFL)NationalWestRunning Backs216880.500
2008 Arizona Cardinals (NFL)NationalWestRunning Backs116970.563431.750
2009 Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)AmericanWestAssistant Head Coach4164120.250
2010 Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)AmericanWestAssistant Head Coach1161060.625101.000
2011 Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)AmericanWestAssistant Head Coach416790.438
2012 Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)AmericanWestAssistant Head Coach4162140.125
19 YearsAssistant Coach3041361680.4471266.500
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