1990 CFL Awards

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Most Outstanding Player of the Year Michael Clemons Toronto Argonauts Official
Offense Position Team Selectors
Stephan Jones WR Ottawa Rough Riders Official
Don Narcisse WR Sasakatchewan Roughriders Official
Jim Mills OT British Columbia Lions Official
Chris Walby OT Winnipeg Blue Bombers Official
Roger Aldag OG Sasakatchewan Roughriders Official
Dan Ferrone OG Toronto Argonauts Official
Rod Connop C Edmonton Eskimos Official
Craig Ellis SB Edmonton Eskimos Official
Darrell Smith SB Toronto Argonauts Official
Kent Austin QB Sasakatchewan Roughriders Official
Robert Mimbs RB Winnipeg Blue Bombers Official
Blake Marshall FB Edmonton Eskimos Official
Defense Position Team Selectors
Stewart Hill DE Edmonton Eskimos Official
Gregg Stumon DE Ottawa Rough Riders Official
Harold Hallman DT Toronto Argonauts Official
Kent Warnock DT Calgary Stampeders Official
Danny Bass MLB 1988 Edmonton Eskimos Official
Greg Battle OLB Winnipeg Blue Bombers Official
Willie Pless OLB British Columbia Lions Official
Less Browne CB Winnipeg Blue Bombers Official
Rod Hill CB Winnipeg Blue Bombers Official
Don Wilson DH Toronto Argonauts Official
Troy Wilson DH Ottawa Rough Riders Official
Greg Peterson S Calgary Stampeders Official
Special Teams Position Team Selectors
David Ridgway K Sasakatchewan Roughriders Official
Bob Cameron P Winnipeg Blue Bombers Official
Michael Clemons ST Toronto Argonauts Official
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