1969 CFL Awards

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Most Outstanding Player of the Year Russ Jackson Ottawa Rough Riders Official
Offense Position Team Selectors
Margene Adkins SE Ottawa Rough Riders Official
Ken Nielsen FL Winnipeg Blue Bombers Official
Clyde Brock OT Sasakatchewan Roughriders Official
Ellison Kelly OT Hamilton Tiger-Cats Official
Jack Abendschan OG Sasakatchewan Roughriders Official
Charlie Bray OG Toronto Argonauts Official
Ted Urness C Sasakatchewan Roughriders Official
Herm Harrison TE Calgary Stampeders Official
Russ Jackson QB Ottawa Rough Riders Official
Dave Raimey RB Winnipeg Blue Bombers Official
George Reed RB Sasakatchewan Roughriders Official
Vic Washington RB Ottawa Rough Riders Official
Defense Position Team Selectors
Billy Joe Booth DE Ottawa Rough Riders Official
Ed Harrington DE Toronto Argonauts Official
John LaGrone DT Edmonton Eskimos Official
Ed McQuarters DT Sasakatchewan Roughriders Official
Jerry Campbell LB Ottawa Rough Riders Official
Ken Lehmann LB Ottawa Rough Riders Official
Phil Minnick LB Winnipeg Blue Bombers Official
Bruce Bennett DB Sasakatchewan Roughriders Official
Larry Fairholm DB Montreal Alouettes Official
Garney Henley DB Hamilton Tiger-Cats Official
Marv Luster DB Toronto Argonauts Official
Don Sutherin DB Ottawa Rough Riders Official
John Wydareny DB Edmonton Eskimos Official
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