1967 Pro Football League of America Awards

Most Valuable Player Paul Hudson Joliet Chargers OFF
Offense Position Team Selectors
Sims Stokes SE Oklahoma City Plainsmen OFF
Ken Vaughn FL Omaha Mustangs OFF
Walt Nichols OT Joliet Chargers OFF
Dick Schafroth OT Alabama Hawks OFF
Jim Dyar OG Alabama Hawks OFF
Mark Manders OG Des Moines Warriors OFF
Gaylon McCollough C Alabama Hawks OFF
John Powers TE Des Moines Warriors OFF
Ken Berry QB Omaha Mustangs OFF
Tom Bryan HB Alabama Hawks OFF
Paul Hudson FB Joliet Chargers OFF
Defense Position Team Selectors
Bob Antulov DE Des Moines Warriors OFF
George Patton DE Alabama Hawks OFF
Mel Boehland DT Des Moines Warriors OFF
Ernie Wade DT Chicago Owls OFF
LeRoy Adams LB Joliet Chargers OFF
Ron Halda LB Des Moines Warriors OFF
Don Purcell LB Omaha Mustangs OFF
Sam Parham CB Joliet Chargers OFF
Ted Vactor CB Omaha Mustangs OFF
John Edmonds S Omaha Mustangs OFF
Vern Moore S Oklahoma City Plainsmen OFF
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