1965 CFL Awards

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Most Outstanding Player of the YearGeorge ReedSasakatchewan RoughridersOfficial
Tommy Joe CoffeyOEEdmonton EskimosOfficial
Ted WatkinsOEOttawa Rough RidersOfficial
Bronko NagurskiOTHamilton Tiger-CatsOfficial
Frank RigneyOTWinnipeg Blue BombersOfficial
Al BenecickOGSasakatchewan RoughridersOfficial
Tony PajaczkowskiOGCalgary StampedersOfficial
Ted UrnessCSasakatchewan RoughridersOfficial
Hugh CampbellFLSasakatchewan RoughridersOfficial
Kenny PloenQBWinnipeg Blue BombersOfficial
Lovell ColemanRBCalgary StampedersOfficial
George ReedRBSasakatchewan RoughridersOfficial
Bo ScottRBOttawa Rough RidersOfficial
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